Michael Lawrence highlights the practical significance of biblical theology for ministry, covering the pastor’s essential tools, the collaborative power of narrative and application, and its application in areas like counseling, missions, charity, and church-state relations, providing valuable guidance for pastors and church leaders to integrate biblical theology into their work.

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Michael Lawrence centers on the practical importance of biblical theology to ministry. He begins with an examination of a pastor’s tools of the trade: exegesis and biblical and systematic theology. The book distinguishes between the power of narrative in biblical theology and the power of application in systematic theology, but also emphasizes the importance of their collaboration in ministry. Having laid the foundation for pastoral ministry, Lawrence uses the three tools to build a biblical theology, telling the entire story of the Bible from five different angles. He puts biblical theology to work in four areas: counseling, missions, caring for the poor, and church/state relations. Rich in application and practical insight, this book will equip pastors and church leaders to think, preach, and do ministry through the framework of biblical theology.

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