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God is Building His Church in Africa

God is Building His Church in Africa

God is building his church in Africa, and we at Ekklesia Afrika feel privileged to play a small part in it, as we make biblical resources and theological training available and affordable.

We pray that this ministry update will be of great encouragement to you! Please pray for us as we do the work and for an increase of healthy, gospel-centered churches in Africa that are shaped by a biblical vision of the church.

EA Ministry Update 2023


Rev. Dr. Elijah Nyolo

Ekklesia Africa has greatly impacted my life through the many biblical resources I have received and bought and the many trainings/conferences I have attended for years. I continue to pray that God will expand you and use you to transform many

We exist to equip the church in Africa by providing access to theological resources through publishing, informal theological training and hosting conferences and events.

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