“Word-Centered Church” by Jonathan Leeman emphasizes the importance of centering all aspects of church life around God’s Word for genuine growth and transformation, providing a valuable ministry model for churches.

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Word-Centered Church offers a thorough treatment of one of God?s greatest concerns: growing His people and growing His church. As simple as the concept may seem, it?s one that many churches miss, and to their own detriment. Because when churches center everything they do on God?s Word?when the pulpit ministry gives direction to every aspect of the church?s life?growth happens God?s way. God?s Word is what creates the church, and it?s what sustains it, too. Theological and practical, Word-Centered Church focuses on how the church hears, responds to, discusses, implements, and is transformed by Scripture. It?s not about high-octane production, superstar personalities, or postmodern entreaties, but stuff that is really old, really good, and really powerful. Word-Centered Church is the ministry-model book that churches need, because it advances the model God designed. For anyone who wants to grow or help others grow, Word-Centered Church is indispensable.

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