Churches in Kenya are facing significant challenges, including a lack of proper ecclesiological understanding, instances of pastoral abuse, and the pervasive influence of the prosperity gospel. These issues undermine the spiritual health and growth of congregations, creating an urgent need for sound theological education and pastoral training. To address these pressing concerns, we have created the Pastor Bundle—a carefully curated collection of 10 essential books designed to equip Kenyan pastors with the knowledge and tools they need to lead effectively and faithfully. By providing these resources, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the gospel, promote healthy pastoral practices, and counteract harmful teachings.

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The Pastor Bundle includes:

**Ekklesia will add a complimentary Study Bible to each Library Kit

  1. Authority
  2. Krapf
  3. What is the Gospel?
  4. Who is Jesus?
  5. Shepherd Leader at Home
  6. Romans Naselli
  7. The Disciple-Making Pastor
  8. Preach
  9. Brothers, We Are Not Professionals
  10. Dangerous Calling

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