Paul David Tripp’s influential work on ministry encourages a transformation in one’s self-perception and engagement with others, emphasizing the potential for God’s transformative power to make us effective instruments of love.

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Paul David Tripp’s masterpiece on ministry will transform how you view yourself and engage with others. God radically changes people, and he offers us the opportunity and the ability, by his power to be involved in that change. We can live not just as grateful objects of his love but as effective instruments of his love in the lives of the people around us. Have you been satisfied by too little? Content with small changes in your life and the lives of others? Unsure of how to help others and uncomfortable when you encounter their needs? You don’t need to start with a strategy or technique, Tripp argues, you need a renewed imagination! Only then can you grasp what is real but unseen and live accordingly. The kingdom of God is near, and it takes us far beyond our personal situations and relationships, making ordinary people a part of God’s extraordinary plan for the world. This guidebook shows us how.

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